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Red Raccoon Games, nestled in historic downtown Bloomington, is one of Illinois’ largest board game stores. At any given time, we have over 5,000 items in stock, including board games, dice, card games, miniatures games, children’s games, paints, minis, role-playing games, geek culture items, and so much more. The store has everything for gaming that you could want that is not electronic! Red Raccoon Games also has space for 90 people to play games at any given time, and have become a destination location for gamers all over Illinois. BUT we are moving mid next year (hopefully) and will have 3 times the space for events.

The store was founded as Gryfalia’s Aerie in 2007, and after Jamie & Kelly Mathy purchased it in 2014, the couple renamed the store to Red Raccoon Games in July of 2015. Since the name change, a significant amount of time has been spent on building the brand and community outreach.

Red Raccoon Games is happy to be a leader in Central Illinois and has strong communities of players for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40k, Force of Will, Legend of the Five Rings, Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon.

Red Raccoon Games spends a lot of time working to build up game clubs in its local grade and junior high schools, and is one of the few stores that give educators a discount on purchases. We also sells to schools or libraries at cost. We are also working with a local group of educators on their project to promote “Gameful Learning” at state and national education conferences. Red Raccoon has worked with the Bloomington Public Library, donating 4000+ dice to the summer reading program, and also supports many school carnivals. For more information on our education programs, please use the "Contact Page" to email us!

Red Raccoon Games is the annual title sponsor to Flatcon, Bloomington’s local game convention & Relay for Life fundraiser. In 2017 we also introduced a central Illinois first – children’s summer-camps for Pokemon and Dungeons & Dragons. For more information on the work that Red Raccoon Games is doing in the community check out this page.

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