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We want to make Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) accessible that is why Red Raccoon Games offers Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons class every 3rd Saturday of the month. These classes are targeted toward individuals new or returning post hiatus to Dungeons and Dragons. During the all day class, participants will learn the basics of D&D, learn how to build a character, and play with that in a one shot (single meeting) adventure. For more info, to see when the next available class is, or to sign up go here.

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Event MTG Commander & Casual

Every Thursday Red Raccoon Games hosts MTG Commander and MTG Casual.

Event HeroClix

Join us every Thursday night for HeroClix.

Event Board Game Night

Join us every Thursday as we play some board games!

Dec 9
Event Zombicide
Dec 9
Event Warhammer 40k
Dec 9
Event MTG Friday Night Magic (FNM) - Brothers' War

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