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Store Open - All Events Canceled

Store Open - Events Canceled

Covid 19 Update 2:
Starting Sunday 3/14 - 3/30, all events are Red Raccoon Games are canceled.

Covid 19 Update 2:
Starting Sunday 3/14 - 3/30, all events are Red Raccoon Games are canceled.

Hey all, this is Jamie. Earlier this week I penned an update that RRG was taking additional cleaning precautions at the store to protect both customers and ourselves. We are still, and will continue to do that. And wash your hands.

Things have changed since then. As like most times, Chicago feels like a different planet - what happens there rarely affects our lives. But it's no long Chicago - today the first confirmed Covid 19 cases in Central Illinois happened in Peoria.

Given that, I am making the difficult decision to cancel all RRG events until March 30th. We do the best we can with air circulation and air purification as we can in the event space, but it is simply too small of a room, and most nights of the week it gets pretty full. I cannot think of a way to let people keep the recommended social distancing without canceling events. We will continue to assess the situation and will keep everyone up-to-date.

I understand that the concern seems be only for larger events but as we are a community based store that serves the community we believe the best way to truly serve is help “flatten the curve of sickness” as much as possible. Please go wash your hands.

This is not an easy decision for Kelly & I nor other small and large businesses so we appreciate your support and grace as we navigate these murky waters.

That said, the store will REMAIN OPEN! I know some of you are really going to need a social outlet so we are committed to providing that as we have since I took over almost 6 years ago. We will be operating under a new schedule so PLEASE TAKE NOTE:

NEW HOURS : Mon – Friday 12pm -7pm, Sat 10am – 6pm, Sun 12pm - 6pm.

Please be mindful of your own health, check in with your body and STAY HOME if you are feeling under the weather in any way. Wash your hands a lot.

We encourage you to pick up some games and play at home with friends and family for the next few weeks. We have a great selection of family games to play with kids (just in case you never looked!)

Also - starting Sunday we will gladly offer curbside pickup if you’re not feeling like you want to come in - Facebook message us or email us at for how to proceed on that.

Obviously if you have preregistered for an event we can refund you.

Again, do your best to say healthy and to support local businesses when you are able and willing!

Did you wash hands?