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Curbside Hours extended to 7pm, and a new video!

Curbside Pickup until 7:00 PM!
"Carrot was very keen on modernizing the watch, and in some strange way sending a message via the tube was so much more modern than simply opening the door and shouting, which is what Mr Vimes did." - Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

Hello everyone!  Here is hoping you are all staying safe and not getting tooooooo bored. 
Yeah, ok, we're struggling with that last one also.


We're actively working on puzzles, playing a lot of 1 & 2 player games, and running Dungeons & Dragons over Zoom & Discord.  The good news is that we're gamers, and we have hobbies to fall back on. 

That's not to say we haven't gotten bored.  So we decided to do something about it, and from one of the many random conversations, an idea was born.  It all started with "Do you remember that scene from American Beauty with the falling rose petals?"  Then things got ridiculous!  If you want to see the results, check it out our YouTube channel: (Don't worry, totally work-safe!)

Please let us know what you think, and if you want to see more.  We might already have another video in the editing stages...

Curbside pickups have been good.  We would still rather see all of you and talk with you in the store, but at least we're doing something.  A few of you have told us that getting to the store by 5:00 has been an issue, so we are extending our curbiside pickup window until 7:00pm. 

 Curbside pickup is now  Monday - Saturday, 12:00pm - 7:00pm.

Our inventory is all online (well, except for Magic singles) at  You can choose to pay for shipping or free curbside pickup.


Other news:

 - Magic the Gathering:  Ikoria releases Friday May 15th.  We still have at least a bit of everything available, including the hard to find Commander 2020 decks.  All English products are available online, but you have to call us for Japanese booster or Japanese Collectors Booster boxes.

 - Most of the Masterpieces puzzles are in.  We also added some new DC Comics & Golden Girls puzzles.

 - Games Workshop is opening back up slowly - we're hoping for a pretty large order to be delivered any day now, with a lot of paints & a lot of models, including the Prophecy of the Wolf boxed set that never got shipped to us.  We are still taking pre-orders & special orders for products.  GW has told us they are doing rounds to stores - once everyone gets round 1 shipped, they will start on round 2.  This will continue until they are caught up.

 - Asmodee is reopening their warehouses also.  Big shipment inbound with a bunch of copies of Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, and more.  They are resuming new releases starting June 5th.

 - We are going to run some Learn to Play D&D classes over Zoom.  Each class will be $15 and will consist of two sessions of 2-hours each and will include a set of dice for the attendee.  If you purchases a Dungeons & Dragons Player Handbook from RRG, the class will be free.  More details soon.

 - BlueFin is opening up their warehouses May 18th.  That means our deliveries of Gundam & Bandai Hobby kits will start arriving again soon.


Please let us know what else we can do to help you through this time of weirdness, and thank you for your support!