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Red Raccoon - Charizard Ultra Premium release is Oct 28th!

Yeah, I screwed that one up - should have checked my dates.  My bad!  ~Jamie


So in case you missed the first email, here is what Jamie screwed up on:


Charizard Ultra Premium Collection update: We're going to have 14 for sale in-store [Oct 28th] (We are purposefully turning these off on our website to avoid any confusion.)
If you want a chance at buying one of them, keep reading.

We have gotten WAY more than 14 people calling wanting to know if we are going to have these boxes for sale, but we have NOT taken any pre-orders because we did not have confirmation as to how many boxes we were going to retrieve.

Now that we know how many, we have a plan to let our Pokemon customers have a shot at getting one of these super cool collectibles for $139.99 each, limit 1 per household.

To qualify for a shot, you must
- Have a Red Raccoon Games account set up.
- Have purchased any Pokemon product at Red Raccoon Games in the past 60 days under that account (for verification). [60 days up to & included Oct 4th]
- NOT have a restriction on your account because you didn't pick up previous pre-orders.

If you are still interested, fill out this attached survey before noon on Thursday Oct 6th. We will go through & verify everyone interested meets our 3 criteria. All names that do will be loaded onto a spinning wheel & Jamie will spin the wheel LATE Thursday night, after he gets back from the governor's debate at ISU.

He will post the names late Thursday night & send an email to all those chosen. RRG staff will then create special orders for the Charizard Ultra Premium Collection that can be picked up any time in the next week. (Any boxes not picked up by end-of-business [November 4th] will have their special order canceled & awarded to another person.)
Still here? On with the survey:
Good Luck!