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Red Raccoon - Doorbuster Sales & Toys for Tots 2022!

Woo!  We're almost there!

In this newsletter, you will find info on:

 - RRG's Toys for Tots 2022 campaign

 - Our 2022 Holiday Catalog!

 - This year's 2022 Black Friday / Small Business Saturday weekend doorbusters!   (There will be more sales over the weekend - this is only the doorbusters list)


Hmmm, that is already a lot of exclamations... but we're excited!


Toys for Tots 2022 Campaign
Toys for Tots Ad

The Marines have already dropped off our Toys for Tots box at the store.  Here is how you can help kids get toys for the holidays:

 - Bring in a new & unwrapped toy / game / plush and drop it in the box.
 - We're running a Buy 1 Game, Get 1 Game at 50% off for the Toys for Tots box special through December 12th.  Just tell them at the register when you are checking out which game(s) are for you, and which game(s) is for the Toys for Tots box, and they will take 50% off those donations and put the game in the box for you!  Nice, right?

 - Buy a paper donation Meeple at the counter for $5, $10, or $25 (or more if you want to help a lot of kids!)  We will then work with the Toys for Tots group to identify areas where they need more games for certain age groups and then buy donation games targetted based on our communities needs.

Last year you all donated 225+ games to Toys for Tots - think we can beat that number this year?


Red Raccoon Games 2022 Holiday Catalog
Holiday Catalog Cover
Not sure what to get for friends or family?  Need a way to tell people what games YOU want?  Brittney did an amazing job putting together our 2022 Holiday Catalog with some of the hottest games of this season.  Some of the games like Frosthaven aren't even out yet, but we are still taking pre-orders for their arrival!

Check out the catalog here: Holiday Catalog 2022



Ok, we know this is the part you were waiting for!  This year's doorbusters & other sales will go live when we open Black Friday at 12:00pm and will run until Sunday at 11:59 pm, both in-store & online.  Some of these games are very limited, so first come, first served!

There will be MORE SALES announced later - we just wanted you to see the doorbusters to start the antici...



Dungeons & Dragons Yahtzee - 50% off
Froggit Board Game- 50% off
Keystone North America - 50% off
Talisman - Kingdom Hearts - 50% off
Lost Ruins of Arnak board game - 50% off
In Too Deep boardgame (Kickstarter Edition) - 50% off
Uno - Star Wars Mandalorian - 0194735093052 (
Dune - Betrayal boardgame - 50% off
Dinosaur World board game Kickstarter Edition - 50% off
Risk - Warhammer 40k - 50% off
Batman - The Dark Knight Returns - Deluxe Edition - 50% off
Adventures of Robin Hood boardgame - 50% off
Witchstone board game - 50% off
The Loop - 50% off
Disney Sorcerer's Arena Epic Alliances boardgame - 40% off
Marvel Dice Throne 4 Hero Box Set - 40% off

Darkness Ablaze Elite Trainer Box - 50% off

Dungeons & Dragons / Roleplaying Games:
Candlekeep Mysteries Adventures Book - 40% off
Rules Expansion Gift Set - Limited Art Covers - 40% off
D&D d20-Shaped Throw Blanket - 50% off
D&D Frameworks - Drider Unpainted Miniature - 50% off
D&D Red Slaad Paint Night Kit w/ Paints & Brushes - 50% off
Pathfinder Battles Gargantuan Red Dragon - 50% off
Critical Role - Monsters of Tal'Dorei Premium Figures - Dieter - 50% off

Games Workshop:
Age of Sigmar miniatures game - Dominion Starter Set with Hardback Rulebook - 70% off
(More sales we cannot tell you about online will be happening this weekend!)

Hypno-Twist Fidget Toy - 50% off
Mothra 8" Plush - 50% off
Bill Nye's VR Science Kit - 50% off

Squishmallow Limted Edition 5" Sealife Mystery Squad Bag - 50% off

Ultimate Guard Magnetic Card Case (single card) - 50% off
Ravensburger 3d Solar System Puzzle - 50% off
Star Wars 4D Imperial Star Destroyer Puzzle - 50% off
Heroclix - Batman The Animated Series 5-Figure Booster - 50% off
Heroclix - Wolverine vs. Cyclops - X-Men Regenesis 1-Figure Booster - 75% off

Ok, that's the doorbusters list.  Most stuff will hit social media later.  

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Red Raccoon Games