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Red Raccoon - Disney Lorcana Learn to Play & Casual Play Leagues

Hello everybody!

I just wan to tell you right off the bat that this newsletter is going to 100% be about the new Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game.  If that is not your jam, feel free to delete this & head on to the next email in your stack.   Thanks!

Still here?

Ok, Lorcana.  It's Disney, the art is fun, and we're all super excited about it.  Except there is not enough of it to go around.  I did an entire Facebook Live video about it a couple of weeks ago.  You can still watch that here:

The TL:DW on the video is we ordered a ton, and got 8% of what we ordered.  We are going to use everything we recieve right now in our events in the store.  (There are rumors of monre product ccoming sometime in Sept., but no one seems to know when.)

Learn to Play Lorcana
So we are going to run Lorcana events in the store, and product will go to participants in those events.   Right now we have 3 Learn to Play Lorcana events scheduled & avaiable to be signed up for now.  We kept them as "in-store-only" signups for 7 days - they are now live on our website.  You can see them live at

The events are:
Friday at 5:30pm
Saturday at 1:00pm
Sunday at 1:00pm
Each person is allowed to sign up for 1 event.  Each person will get 1 Locana Starter Deck, randomly assigned.  Our goal is going to be to teach you how to play the game using the starter decks, and then let you have some fun! 
Lorcana Starter Decks

After the first couple of games, you can open the Lorcana Booster Pack that comes in the box, and add those cards into your deck as well to change it up a bit.  And for every person who play at least 1 round in store, we will give you another Lorcana Booster Pack to use as you please!  We are also going to have some other door prizes that we will randomly give away at each event as well.  :) Accounts Will Be Required
Backing all of this up is a new (to us at least) software platform at  
This is where things might get a bit squirrely for us all, and we beg for your patience.  This software has been getting rush upgrades every day this week.  I have spent 5 hours at night working through kinks & such, and will spend more time tonight to make sure I know what has changed before tomorrow.Lorcana is telling game stores that all players must be registered with accounts  at in order to qualify for future promos & allocation of product.  (to be fair, Pokemon, Magic, Digimon, and every other TCG game make us do the exact same thing!)

For adults & kids 14+ , to make things easy, you can go to Register | Melee & create a new account.  If mostly wants your name, email, and a username / password. Every person must have their own email address, so parents, you can figure out how you want to register your kids - a new Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook account?  Then it will send you an email that you have to open and click Verify My Email.  Please keep your username kid friendly...   When you arrive at the store, we will be able to search for your account by email address and pull you into our registration system.

We can also create accounts for everyone when you get here. will again require first name, last name, and email address, but the email address is going to be required no matter what.

For kids 13 & under, we don't know what registration looks like yet.  They are supposed to be setting up a system where adults can add their children as sub-accounts under them, exactly like Pokemon does.  We have been told it will be ready for the 18th - today is the 17th & we have nothing.  I guess we'll all discover this together tomorrow!

What comes next?  Lorcana League Play!
Once we get everyeone up to speed with learning how to play Lorcana, we are going to run weekly Lorcana Casual League Play.  You can't sign up just quite yet, but we will get them added to our events calendar ASAP.  We are planning to run these on Sundays at 1:00pm - 5pm.  If there is enough demand, we may also add a Tuesday event timeframe also.

How does this work?  This is what we got from Ravensburger on Lorcana League:
 - Disney Lorcana "emphasizes fun & community over competition & winning".  (their words)
 - League play take place over 3 4-week rounds (12 weeks total) & is designed for casual play & collectors.
 - Players collect points, win or lose, by participating a match (best two our of three).
 - Points can also be earned through Lorcana-related activities, such as teaching someone new how to play, or other things set by us later.  (Maybe a Disney t-shirt day?)
 - Prizes are awarded to most League participants - top finishers get a small additional prize.

League Structure:

Each week, up to 24 players can sign up for RRG's Lorcana Casual League Play.
Players will have fun jamming some games in a relaxed casual structure.
For each match that you play, winners will be awarded 2 league points, and the defeated will get 1 league point.

Lorcana League Point Tracker
Three will also be additional ways to earn points throughout the season.
At the end of each League Round (every 4 weeks) prizes will be awarded to top finishers.
At the end of each League Season (every 12 weeks) season prizes & any remaining round prizes will be awarded.
Lorcana League Prizes

That's it for updates today!  Hope you come out and join us for Disney Lorcana!