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Red Raccoon - Lorcana Set in stock!

Hi all,

Just wanted to shoot you all a quick update on Lorcana - The First Chapter.  We did finally get wave 2 in!
I told you all months ago that you would get first shot at wave 2 - now is your chance!  Because you have played in our events, we are giving you the opportunity to buy 6 packs of Lorcana - The First Chapter.  You have until end of business Tuesday November 14th to either come in or call & purchase yours over the phone.  (309-828-9196)

I know this still isn't a lot.  Just so you know, what I did was to take the number of people who have played in events and divide them into the number of packs we have recieved, which equals 6 per person.

Starting when we open Wednesday November 15th, we will move to 6 packs per person, per day, until all of the packs are gone.

A couple of you have asked me about wave 3.  Ravensburger did post that they were going to do a reprint of The First Chapter.  Originally it was scheduled for Janurary, but then in an interview they said some of it would be before the holidays.  That's all we know.  That's all our distributors know.  I guess we'll all be finding out together.

Below is just a copy of the Rise of the Floodborn information we put out a couple weeks ago.  The Bundles are SOLD OUT now, but we do have pre-order spots still available for Starters and Booster Packs.

Last thing - I just wanted to thank all of you for working with us on Lorcana.  I did confirm that the reason we are getting Rise of the Floodborn is because we did the league & you all participated.  There are a lot of stores that didn't do league or any OP that are getting zero product for Rise of the Floodborn.  Yikes!


Disney Lorcana - Rise of the Floodborn

We have enough info to start talking about Rise of the Floodborn, the 2nd set from Disney Lorcana.  Here is what we know right now:

Rise of the Floodborn Pre-Release

This is NOT an offical pre-release - this is your RRG crew trying to make something interesting & exciting for Rise of the Floodborn.  We are going to run a pre-release event where each player will get 1 of the Rise of the Floodborn Starter Decks & 3 Rise of the Floodborn booster packs.  With the booster pack inside the starter, you have a deck plus 4 packs, which is exactly what a Pokemon pre-release gets.  You'll then have 40 minutes to open everything, and build your best deck.  We'll run a little 3 round tournament, with 1 booster pack per person in the prize pool.  

Seating will be limited to 24 people Saturday Nov 18th & 24 on Sunday Nov 19th.  You will be able to sign up for a spot starting Sunday Nov 5th at 2pm.

Rise of the Floodborn Pre-Orders

For everyone who has played in a RRG Lorcana event, either a Learn to Play or a Sunday Lorcana League event, you will have first dibs at pre-orders.  While we are getting a little bit more than last time, it's still not going to be enough to go around.  Everything is going to be while supplies lasts.

First up are the Rise of the Floodborn bundles. [SOLD OUT]  The bundle will be 1 random starter deck, 6 packs, either a Disney 100 Gift Set or an Illumineers Trove, 1 pack of sleeves (either Sisu or Mulan) and 1 deckbox (either Sisu or Mulan).  We are not taking any requests for what is in these bundles.  We're going to randomly pack them, and once they are gone, they are gone.  $144.99

If you aren't interested in a bundle, each Lorcana event participant will also be able to buy 1 Starter Deck for $19.99 plus 6 packs for $44.99.

If you have not participated in any of our previous Lorcana events, you will be able to buy 1 Starter Deck for $19.99 plus 3 packs for $21.99.

Our goal is to once again give as many folks as possible the ability to get a starter and some packs to learn how to play Lorcana.  We will be running a Learn to Play Lorcana event again.  Dates to be announced.

Preorders for Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn will start Sunday Nov. 5th at 4pm.

Also, did you know we are rocking a Red Raccoon Games Linktree?  You can find links to all our social media accounts, plus our Red Raccoon Radio podcast now has over 100 subscribers!  You can also get a link to our Discord server, which is where most of our communities are organizing now that Facebook doesn't actually show you everything anymore.