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Red Raccoon Games is home to a huge selection of Magic the Gathering singles. We will happily pull a list of cards for you in store. For purchases of more than 3 different cards, we will request you write down a pull list.

You may fill out a list in store, or send one to If you email a list, please call the store at (309)828-9196 to confirm it was received. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address.

To ensure we can help you and other customers as swiftly as possible, please fill out all the information requested:

Card Name - Rarity - Value - Set(s) - Color

Why do we need this info?

Rarity: Our singles are primarily sorted by rarity.
Value: Yes/No if the card is worth more than $1. This is mostly necessary for Commons/Uncommons.
Set(s) & Color: Not necessary for Rares/Mythics (but helpful if from a recently released set). Our Commons/Uncommons are organized by Set, so this is essential. If the card has been printed multiple times, please list 2-3 sets. Some of our older drawers are still sorted by color, so this speeds up the process as well.

If information is missing, we will return for the missing information to be filled before we are able to pull the list for you. Once we finish pulling your list, you will receive a phone call with a price for the cards that we had and to notify you that the order is ready. We hold pull completed pull lists for 48 hours from the time of phone call. You may come in to purchase them during this time, or pay over the phone to be able to pick them up at your convenience.

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