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Roleplaying games (RPGs) are games where players assume the roles of characters in fictional settings. Players are given the opportunity to act out these roles within a narrative. One of the most popular RPGs is Dungeons and Dragons but many more exist. Red Raccoon Games keeps a variety of RPGs in stock. Check out what we have below.

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We also host several events for RPG communities including Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Adventure's League, Pathfinder Society, Learn to Play D&D classes, and have a Roleplaying Guild where people can play any RPG they want.

Most events have a $5 per person table fee. These fees can be waived with Table Fee Coupons. Learn more about Table Fee Coupons here

On top of the waivable $5 there may be another charge. This charge is set by the Game Master (GM) as the fee they will collect for running the game. These fees cannot be waived. You are always welcome to tip your GM with RPG chips which are $2.50 each and are redeemed by the GM for store credit.

Check out our events calendar to see what RPG events are coming up.


Event Warhammer 40k

Join us every Friday for Warhammer 40k!

Event Zombicide

Join us every 2nd Friday for Zombicide.

Event MTG Friday Night Magic (FNM) - March of the Machine

Red Raccoon hosts Friday Night Magic every Friday night!

Jun 10
Event Dungeons and Dragons Adventure's League (DDAL) Table 1
Jun 10
Event Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons
Jun 10
Event Flash Gordon RPG - Book 2

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