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What is the Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild?

So often we have folks come in asking questions like:

  • “Do you have any D&D tables going on?”
  • “Does anyone play Call of Cthulhu around here?”
  • “Can our RPG table reserve a table to game?”
Many games, but the dilemma is the same: players and GMs looking for roleplaying groups, and a consistent place to play them!
We have a great roleplaying community here at Red Raccoon Games, and we want to help it grow! The Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild is a program to promote roleplaying games being played, help players find groups, and provide a safe, inclusive space for everyone to be able to sit down and game.

What are the benefits for participating in the Roleplaying Guild?

RPG groups gain the following benefits for their table participating in the Roleplaying Guild:
  1.  “Looking For Group” Signal Boost – If desired by the GM, the table will have their first session advertised as an Event on the Red Raccoon Games Facebook page and Discord server. Additionally, they may give Red Raccoon Games notice of open seats so that inquiring players may be told of game availability.
  2.  Table Space Reservation – Don’t worry about having the table cleared off or who can host: we’ve got a nice big table saved for you! Participating groups will have a large gaming table reserved in our events space. (Note: While we make every effort to accommodate all events, reservations may be preempted in rare cases by major events which preempt other store events, such as regional tournaments, special events, etc.)

How does it work?

GMs apply to the program with information on what game they want to run. They get to pick whether the game is open (“looking for group”) or closed (“gang’s all here”) seating, whether to have the game advertised for new players, whether there will be a GM fee, and other options.
Players can find games with available seats by contacting the store.

What does it cost?

All RPG sessions have a $5 table fee per player. This table fee can be waived with a Free Table Fee Coupon, which is earned for every $13 spent at the store (more info on table fees can be found here.
For some games, that’s all there is to it. Some GMs may also have a GM fee set per session, collected in Red Raccoon RPG Tokens. This information will be noted in the details for the specific game.
Event registration can be done online through our Event Calendar, over the phone, or in-store. Due to system limitations, Free Table Fee Coupons cannot be redeemed through our website, so please call or stop in to use them.

What are Red Raccoon RPG Tokens?

Red Raccoon RPG Tokens are a convenient way for players to help support their GM and the store. Purchasable at the register, RPG Tokens are worth their set purchase value in store credit.
Players purchase RPG Tokens, which can be given to their GM. The GM then redeems these RPG Tokens for their value in store credit.
Some GMs choose to require a GM fee per session, while others do not. Even if a GM does not have a GM fee set, players are still free to give them RPG Tokens as a sign of appreciation for their hard work. The exchange of RPG Tokens is between the GM and their players, and not enforced by Red Raccoon Games.

How do I join?

An interested GM just needs to fill out the Red Raccoon Roleplaying Guild Application. Approval time may vary, so please make sure your contact information is correct.
This application provides us with all necessary details about the game, including the information needed to promote the game (if desired), as well as verifying if the requested time slot can be guaranteed. After being approved, the GM (and through them, their group) will enjoy the benefits of the Guild!
If the GM is unable to fill out the digital application, a paper copy may be filled in-store. The online form is the quickest way to get your application processed, however.

What are the responsibilities of a Guild GM?

The following are the responsibilities of a Guild GM to stay in good standing with the program:

  • The GM is responsible for cultivating a positive gaming atmosphere among their players, as well as correcting toxic behavior. This includes ensuring that everyone abides by the Red Raccoon Games Code of Conduct.
  • The GM must check-in at the register prior to their session. The GM is responsible for ensuring all of their players check-in before entering the event space.
  • If for any reason the GM will be not be running a session (cancellation, scheduling change, etc.), they must inform RRG as soon as possible. The GM is responsible for informing their players of cancellations.
  • If the GM decides to change the time of their sessions, they must put in a request for a time change. Table RSVP benefits will be pending this approval for time change.
  • Red Raccoon Games is a family game store, and our event space is all ages. In addition to being mindful of the comfort levels of the players at your table, please be considerate of others in the event space as well.

Regulation of Program and Corrective Action

While problems are rare, we must have policies in place in case they should arise in order to protect our employees and customers. The following notices describe how the Roleplaying Guild relates to our general store policies:
  1. Failure to comply with store and program policies will cause the revocation of privileges provided by this program.
  2. If the table is unable to meet consistently (due to cancellations, lack of players, or otherwise), RRG reserves the right to discontinue the table’s reservation at their discretion.
  3. Red Raccoon Games is the final arbiter of all decisions regarding participation in this program and corrective action when it becomes necessary. Red Raccoon Games will take all grievances brought to our attention seriously, to ensure a safe, inclusive space for our customers and community members.
  4. If a player engages in behavior which is toxic and/or violates the Code of Conduct or other store policies, and is not responsive to correction, they may be subject to suspension or a store ban.
  5. In accordance with store policies concerning organizers/volunteers, Guild GMs must pass a sex offender registry check and have no history of crimes against children.

Roleplaying Guild Application