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Homeworlds - A Pyramid Quartet Game


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In the game of Homeworlds, you take on the role of a space-faring civilization that has become embroiled in an epic, galaxy-wide struggle between Good and Evil. Good civilizations try to work together to eradicate Evil, while Evil civilizations crave only senseless destruction. But which players are Good and which are Evil? That's the ultimate question in this game of strategy, psychology, and diplomacy.

Multi-player Sinister Homeworlds and (Andy Looney's prefered variant) 2-player Binary Homeworlds remove the Good/Evil roles, leaving the game as a perfect information Abstract Strategy game.

Homeworlds is a complex-yet-elegant abstract strategy game: an epic interstellar space battle with no luck and no hidden information. Homeworlds takes minutes to learn, but years to master. Containing three trios each of red, green, blue, and yellow, Homeworlds also expands Pyramid Arcade to six trios of these four colors, perfect for those who want to play Zendo.

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