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Martian Chess - A Pyramid Quartet Game


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Martian Chess is a fast and easy to learn Chess-style game with a difference that really makes you think: ownership of pieces is determined not by color, but by location on the gameboard. For this Kickstarter Exclusive edition, we are creating a new color, Chrome Silver, and since color has no meaning in this game, all 6 trios in the set will be of this new color.

 Martian Chess is a 2-4 player game that uses Icehouse pieces, requiring one stash per player, and a chessboard. It was one of the games included in Icehouse: The Martian Chess Set and Pyramid Arcade.

Much like its namesake, Martian Chess is a game of capturing pieces. Like Chess, Martian Chess is turn based, and played on a chessboard. In both games, players move and capture individual pieces, and each type of piece has distinct moving rules.

However, Martian Chess differs from Chess in critical ways:

  • Piece ownership is determined not by color but by location.
  • Instead of capturing a specific piece, winning is determined by points, making it possible to force the end of the game and still win with no pieces left in that player's control.
  • Lastly, Martian Chess easily supports 4 players as well as two, and can also be played with 3, 5 or 6 players if you use geomorphic chessboard sections; see this photo for an example.

Watch our video: Martian Chess Sample Game

2000 Origins Awards Best Abstract Board Game Winner