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Trading Card Games (TCGs) also known as Collectible Card Games (CCGs) are games that mix strategic deck building with the features of trading cards. Some of the most popular TCGs are Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. Red Raccoon Games sells a few different TCGs, check them out below.

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At Red Raccoon Games, we have several healthy communities that are focused around TCGs. Check out our events calendar below to see what communities meet when.


Event Transformers RPG - Running on Empty Campaign

Come play the Transformers Roleplaying Game using the Essence 20 system!

Event MtG Standard Showdown at Thunder Junction [FriOTJSS]

Red Raccoon Games is proud to present the reintroduction of Standard Format to in-store play!

Event Warhammer 40k - [FriWH]

Join us every Friday, as well as the first and third Mondays for Warhammer 40k!

Jun 14
Event Zombicide - [FriZ]
Jun 14
Event Modern Horizons 3 Draft Launch Party [FriMH3LP]
Jun 15
Event Explorers of Enteja - A D&D 5e Campaign [SatEE]

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