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Used Game Auction
March 16th, 2024
Auction submissions - now thru March 10th, 2024
Preview begins at 9am.
Auction begins at 10am.

Auction calendar photo

Didn't you just have an auction?  Yes!

But a lot of you told us you still had more games you wanted to sell, because we capped everyone at 5 games last time!  So our goal is to do an auction every 6 months until we get things under control!


  • Any person wanting to sell board games on the auction will be able to bring in up to 5 games (or game bundles).  They verify the condition of the games and set the reserve price, and if the game sells, the owner gets 80% of the sold value as store credit to use on anything we have in stock. 
  • Buyers get up to 72 hours to verify the game has all its pieces and is in the condition it is sold at, or can bring the game back for a refund.
  • Preview pictures will be available online, but the auction will only be held in person at Red Raccoon Games.  All the auction sites wanted fees that were too high.

Details for Sellers
  • First, you must have an account set up at Red Raccoon Games in order to turn in games for the auction.  We need the account to anchor your games to in our system.
  • You can bring up to 5 games or game bundles in at first call.  If, as the auction gets closer, we think there is room, we will open it to everyone to bring in 5 more.
  • We keep referring to game bundles.  A game bundle could be a game with a bunch of expansions, like Carcassonne & the Traders & Builders and Inns & Cathedrals expansions, or it could be just a handful of small games. Think of them as an auction "lot".  A group of 5 Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition books could be a lot.  The last time we did an auction, individual small games did not fare as well as those in groups of 3-4 small games.
  • You can bring in minis or collectables as well.  If they are not in the original packaging, please put them in some sort of clear container (which you can get back) so people can see what is inside.
  • Your games must have an accompanying sale form with them. Here is the link to the 2024 form, or you can get blanks at the store in order to hand-write them in.  We reformatted to make it so 2 games or game bundles can fit per page.  
  • The form is going to ask you for the minimum bid you will accept for your game.  We will not go below that price.  But you can specify if you want your opening ask to be higher, and we can back down to your minimum if need be.
  • If your game sells, buyers will have up to 72 hours to bring the game back for missing & damaged components.  After that, 80% of the same price will be credited to your store account.  You can spend that any way you want just like it is cash in the store.
  • Here's the link to the form again.

Details for Buyers:
  • In order to register for a bidder number, you must have a Red Raccoon store account.  This is so we can link your purchases to your account.
  • In order to register for a bidder number, you must also leave either a credit card with us or a $50 cash deposit.
  • The auction is going to be run much the same way as GenCon does it - if you want to bid on a game, you just hold your number up in the air until you either win, or the price of the game goes above what you want to pay.  Bid numbers that stay up in the air, we are going to assume you want to keep bidding.
  • If you win an auction, we will ask to verify your bid number & the amount you bid & document those on the auction.
  • When you are ready to leave & go upstairs, we will add up all the auctions you have won & charge those to your credit card.  It is 100% possible at this step to check out using cash or using multiple cards.  As long as we can get payment for the game owners, you will be handed your awesome new treasures!
  • Buyers have 3 days in order to open & verify all components of your new games are in the box.  After that, the seller will be credited & no returns will be accepted.